Investment company “Pixel Investments” carries out investment projects in distribution & retail, pharmaceutics, woodworking industry, legal & IT services, web-technologies & on-line retail.


Incorporation & development of business through effective investment & management.


Gain of welfare and raise of quality of living through highly efficient and professional businesses, focused on innovations, technological effectiveness and reinforcement of social responsibility.

Operating Imperatives

Based on primary of Development, Controlling & Management, Investment company performs its cross—cutting functions in:

  • strategy and investment management
  • budgeting and financial reporting
  • project & crisis management
  • legal support
  • IT
  • HR management

Our investment approach is based on permanent synergy with director and team of business for ensuring effective decision making, project coordination and co-management on mid-term and strategic levels.

* Ambidexterity — (from Latin ambi — 'both' + dexter — 'right') is the state of being equally adept in the use of both left and right hands. People, considered to be ambidextrous, are assumed to be quicker in situation assessment and decision making.